School Formal Corsage and Buttonhole Gift Set

School Formal Corsage and Buttonhole Gift Set

Is your son or daughter having their school formal soon?
We’ve been busy creating lots of these floral gifts for their formal or Valedictory dinner.
Wrist corsages don’t have to be chunky 80’s style, they can be modern and funky made to suit each gown and/or suit.
Our floral corsages can be created onto a pearl wristband or a ribboned wristlet like the image.
Our buttonholes are neatly bound in black or navy to compliment their suits, but also matching to the wrist corsage their date will be presented with.
Packaged in a clear gift box, any young debutant would love to receive something so pretty.
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Care Instructions

How to Care for Your Cut Flower Bouquet

  1. Trim the Stems: Upon receiving your bouquet, trim about an inch off the bottom of each stem at a diagonal angle. This allows the flowers to better absorb water.
  2. Use Clean Water: Fill a clean vase with fresh, room temperature water. Remove any leaves that might sit below the waterline to prevent bacterial growth.
  3. Change the Water: Every 2-3 days, change the water in the vase. This helps prevent the buildup of bacteria and keeps your flowers fresh.
  4. Avoid Direct Sunlight and Heat: Place your bouquet in a cool spot away from direct sunlight and heat sources like radiators or heating vents.
  5. Freshly Cut Stems: Periodically, recut the stems at an angle to improve water absorption. Remove any wilted or dead flowers as you notice them.
  6. Regularly Check Water Level: Ensure that your vase always has enough water. Flowers drink a lot, especially during the first few days.
  7. Enjoy the Beauty: Sit back and enjoy the beauty and fragrance of your fresh flower bouquet!

By following these simple care instructions, you can enjoy your cut flower bouquet for an extended period, bringing a touch of nature's beauty into your space.

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